Computer Vision


Formulate custom-built vision APIs and models to derive micro-level understanding from stacks of images and videos at exemplary accuracies. DREVOL computer vision services enables vast innovative visual analytics solutions to analyze the real & the virtual world through visual mediums and perform diagnostics for detecting differences at pixel-level accuracies. DREVOL integrates vision-embedded systems & training modules to identify images, recognize objects, and examine sentiments and intents to retrieve valuable data points for optimizing AI based models.
DREVOL inculcates robust object tagging, pattern recognition, segmentation, and dynamic object tracking with custom-built annotation tools allowing businesses to reduce human interventions and utilize rich data to scale visual technology.

Video Object Tracking

Track real time objects with reliable object identification and classification to generate accurate detection results from videos. Our video analytics tools provide intelligent image analysis by capturing distinguishable properties of each object of videos allowing AI offerings determine object similarities & differences from existing image libraries to bring in visual intelligence into your business processes.

Video Analytics

Facilitate automatic monitoring in video diagnostics tools by embedding frame by frame video analysis and multiple instance classification. Our video analytics tools driven by expert human annotators provide well-refined extraction of meta-data to eliminate the requirement for manual monitoring.

Image Recognition

Automate the process of deep learning algorithms for gathering and storing data of multiple image segmentations to quicken the recognition process of faces, objects, demographics and logos. Our powerful image processing methodologies provides efficient recognition of image variables like color, contours and intensity with accurate data labeling to interpret image data points at unprecedented efficiency.