Data Annotation


Build qualitative cognitive learning modules with precise objective oriented training data labelled by intuitive crowd of human-annotators. Quality data is the new mandatory of the future driving automation in every facet of industrial enterprises, engaging machines to operate more efficiently without any human intervention. All Artificial Intelligence components need to be trained with inferences from the curated datasets to perform efficiently. It is very critical that data sets are precisely annotated & tagged with markup elements integrating meaningful patterns & inferences with assistance of human intelligence to enable machine-learning modules adapt effectively with agility.
DREVOL provides professional annotation and labeling services with high-quality data categorization, accurate and relevant to the AI tasks performed by a diverse & global crowd of human annotators. DREVOL delivers all-inclusive solution and expertise in data annotation for variety of data types including text, speech, video & images helping to enhance various services such as search engine relevance, speech recognition and natural language processing.
Our proprietary tools dedicated specifically for data analytics, are fully customized for defining annotation quality standards and provides inbuilt auditing, reporting and quality monitoring tools with easy to use interfaces enabling full service solutions.

Linguistic Attribute Labeling

Deploy, enhance and calibrate language-enabled applications and services with optimized linguistic feature annotation containing comprehensive text analysis, semantic annotation and syntactic tagging. Our qualified group of linguists and native speakers combined with project management team of proven expertise accurately label sentence structures, part of speech and morphology in different dialects enabling range of different speech-based use cases.

Non-verbal Annotation

Non-verbal annotation deals with training the machines to acquire insights into meaning of gestures and expression based medium of data conveyance. DREVOL provides standard representation of non-verbal information by performing numerous semantic analysis activities for determining tone, attitude and sentiments behind the unstructured data enabling various social media and e-commerce monitoring solutions with ability to impart and target keywords appropriate to demographic paradigms.

Image and Video annotation

Build comprehensive computer vision solutions with high quality visual data sets diligently reviewed and annotated by subject matter experts across the globe. DREVOL conducts numerous visual annotation exercises to drive solutions for dynamic object tracking identifying unique attributes of image and video data recognizing patterns at pixel to pixel dimensioning competencies.

Content Moderation

Safeguard brand reputation by detecting prominent brand attacks and offensive content generated through different mediums such as chatbots, social media posts and comment boxes. DREVOL provides highly intuitive content moderation strategies by leveraging global network of skilled content specialists to identify and classify inappropriate content and ensure reputation protection from offensive entities in every languages.