Data Creation & Collection


Accumulate qualitative and quantitative information from raw unrefined data aimed to drive ML algorithms to offer efficient cognitive & AI services. Extracting comprehensive understandings from diverse formats of data entails rigorous processes of research, aggregation and analysis to obtain most accurate & flawless data for training models.
DREVOL provides superlative data creation and collection services with detailed aspects addressing data collection methodologies charting out unerring solutions. Our team of web research specialists assisted by data analysts conduct robust data collection & creation through web scrapping & data mining to enable processes such as data interpretation, composition, comparison and distribution delivering discrete evaluation of meaningful insights dispersed across domains which fulfill your business requirements.

Demographic Data

DREVOL offers enterprises an access to intellectual expertise of a diverse Crowd spread across the globe to create & collect data with regional nuances. Our Crowd is a well recruited groups of individuals with varying competencies, ethnicities and cultural influences to make sure your machine learning models get a diverse training data.

Data Collection Platforms

Enhance your Artificial Intelligence services with customized and enterprise oriented collection & creation APIs provisioned with high quality data collection. DREVOL evaluates project specific essentials and develops befitting platforms with end-to-end process control strategies to provide enterprises a logistical finesse.

Data Privacy & Security

DREVOL caters diverse data collection and creation services by extending expertise in both existing and prevailing data analytics practices scaling according to project specifications. Our unfaltering data security compliances ensures software architecture procurement adhering strict NDAs to keep your data safe and secure.